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Would you be able to help your child, spouse, parent, or co-worker survive a heart attack?

Not without some form of CPR training. Calling 9-1-1 is a great start but with less than 10 minutes until death, you'd better begin CPR or the victim will die..

This website is designed to teach you CPR through an easy online interface. The course meets or exceeds the latest American Heart Association guidelines and is updated as the guidelines change. The course is absolutely free and there is no need to ever purchase anything. If after taking the course, you wish to get certified, simply take the CPR test and receive your diploma and wallet card for only $19.95. Otherwise, take the free course and keep the knowledge with you at no cost.

The process is simple:
  1. Register with American BLS.
  2. Take one of the free Free Courses and learn how to save lives.
  3. Take the Free CPR Certification Test (Optional).
  4. Get your official certification with wallet card for only $19.95 (Optional).