Referral Program

Earn Visa Gift Cards by referring your friends and co-workers.

Work in an office where everyone needs to get certified?

Have friends that require certification?

Send them your personal promo code and receive $2.50 in Visa gift cards for each referral you make.

Your friend will also get $2.00 off the certification fee so everybody wins!!

How it works

  • Distribute your personal promo code to friends, family and co-workers who need CPR certification.
  • Instruct them to use the promo code when they checkout for a discount.
  • They will receive $2 off the full price of the course.
  • You receive $2.50 in rewards credit.
  • Redeem your rewards for gift cards when your rewards balance reaches at least $5.00. That’s only 2 referrals.

Your friend gets $2.00 off the certification and you get a $2.50 reward. Everybody wins.

Rules & Regulations

  • A “Referral” is an individual who has purchased a certification from American BLS using your personal promo code.
  • In order to participate in the referral program, you must have a free account with American BLS. Sign up here:
  • To get credit for the referral, the individual must purchase a certification from and use your personal promo code during checkout. The user must also finish the course.
  • The referral MUST USE your promo code during checkout to get credit for the referral. If the individual does not use your promo code during checkout, you will not be given credit for the referral. There are no exceptions to this rule. The user MUST use your promo code during checkout. Adjustments will not be made if the individual does not use your promo code for any reason.
  • You will receive $2.50 in rewards for each referral you make with your promo code.
  • Rewards will be available after 30 days from the certification date. This delay is because we offer a 30 day guarantee. If the customer requests a refund, the referral will not be honored.
  • Gift cards will be available to you in increments of $5.00. You can order a gift card when your balance has reached a minimum of $5.00.
  • Rewards balance does not expire.
  • The maximum amount of gift cards rewards that a person can receive is: $250 a year.
  • Gift card will most likely be VISA but might also be Mastercard or American Express.
  • You will not have to pay any fees. You will be able to use the entire balance of the gift card.
  • Visa gift cards will be mailed directly to you without any shipping charges.