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CPR Training & Certification

American BLS Services Corp is committed to providing quality emergency care training to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our online training interface uses a blend of integrated coursework with graded examination to effectively teach our students quality emergency care without traveling to take a 5 hour course. Our courses use a combination of text, images, video, and animations to demonstrate concepts and teach CPR techniques.

American BLS is located in Florida and is 100% based in the United States. There is no foreign tech support or outsourced employment. All employees, instructors, staff, and facilities are based in the United States.

Online BLS Course

Our instructors believe that Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or Basic Life Support (BLS) can be effectively taught through our innovative online training approach that combines video demonstration, photographs, and easy to follow text. Our instructors prefer the online training method because it creates an open learning environment that allows the student to learn the material at his or her own pace and return at any time for a review.

Many companies are required to demonstrate compliance with their own specific company regulations, as well as OSHA, state and federal regulations and American BLS makes it convenient and simple for employees and staff to stay current with the latest techniques and regulations.

For the professional, American BLS offers certification options for each course. Certification costs $19.95 and comes with a paper printout and an official wallet card that is signed by the instructor and mailed within one business day.

The American BLS certifications are guaranteed acceptance. If for any reason, your certification is rejected within the first 30 days of certification, American BLS Services Corp will refund the cost paid for the certification.

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