CPR & First Aid Training for Security Guards

Safety should be the number one priority when dealing with the public. Whether you work in a home, business, or public location, all security guards should be trained in CPR and First Aid to act if there is an emergency with someone under their supervision. American BLS offers free CPR training for security guards to make sure that you know how to act in the event of an emergency. Some of the situations where first aid or CPR training would be needed are:

cpr training for security guards

  • Someone has a heart attack
  • Someone is injured
  • Asthma attack
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones

These are just some examples of the things that might happen to someone while you are on duty. As all security personnel know, the first thing you should do in the event of an emergency is call 9-1-1. While the police or paramedics are on their way, you might need to perform CPR or First Aid to help save a victim’s life.

Being prepared and willing to act is very important. Having the proper CPR training for security guards is the first step in being prepared for an emergency.

All security guards should take the FREE CPR Course and our Free First Aid Course and learn how to act in the event of a tragic injury. Accidents can happen anytime or anywhere.

Need an official certification for your job?

After you have taken the FREE course and passed the FREE assessment exam, you can get certified for $17.00 if you use the promo code “GUARD4”.

Certification includes a printable certification card and a wallet card that is signed by the instructor and mailed within one business day. CPR training for security guards is important. take the free course today and learn the skills you need to be an effective security guard. To get started, Login to your account or register for a new program.